Niima International is Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Foodstuff, Exporter We are leading exporters and supplier of Fresh Mango and Vegetables form Pakistan Our goal is to be your trusted business partner, whom you can depend on with all your import needs Communication, customer demand focused service. prompt follow- up action, highly knowledgeable staff and innovative systems are the key elements to our success.

Fresh Fruits Form Pakistan

Pakistani Mango Exporter, Mandarin Kinnow Exporter, Guava Exporter


Mango is consisted as the king of Fruits. Niima International export mango some of the most popular varieties in Pakistan. Namely, Sindhri, Chaunsa, White Chaunsa, Anwar Ritol etc. king of fruits specially Pakistani Mango is one of the most popular and best fruits worldwide.

Jujube Bair

Jujube bair is one of the most tasty fruit. It is produced in Pakistan on large scale and we have two varieties round and oval shape, Niima International is one of the proud exporter of Jujube fruit. The new fresh eating varieties taste like a very sweet apple when eaten fresh When dried, jujubes truly have a taste very much like a date.

Mandarin Kinnow

Pakistan is the only major producer of Mandarin ( kinnow ) in the world. we are leading exporter of Kinow , Pakistan have given the kinnow a unique flavor which distinguishes it from other comparable mandarins grown in the world.


Pakistani Guava amazingly rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. This remarkable nutrient content gives them many health benefits. Our Fresh Guava is hygienically packed ensuring zero external contaminants Niima International is the market leader for exporting Fresh Guava and is currently exporting to Canada, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Fresh Vegetables Form Pakistan

Fresh Vegetables Exporter Fresh Okra Exporter, Fresh Green Chill Exporter, Fresh Green Peas Exporter Exporter Bottle Gourd Kadu Loki Exporter


We are top Fresh Okra exporters, grower, suppliers from Pakistan. Okra also is known as “lady’s finger, is one of the most loved nutritious vegetables, Our Vegetable Okra is an immense interest for new green shading, taste, and nourishment. Today, we remain among the major Okra Exporters. The Fresh Okra can be gained at reasonable costs from us.

Green Peas

We excel in offering a highly nutritious range of green peas to our valued clients. We are the best Fresh Green Peas Exporter, located in Pakistan. We are reckoned as the prime exporter, trader, and supplier of optimum quality fresh Green Pea. These green peas and ensure rich nutritional value and rich taste

Kadu Loki

We are Exporter of Fram Fresh Bottle Gourd. These are also known as Dhudis, Kadu, Loki .Bottle Gourd is widely acclaimed for high nutritional content and good taste, these are highly demanded Vegetable. Furthermore, these are produced from special seeds, which are high in yield as well as resistant to mildew. The Fresh Bottle Gourd is offered at affordable prices by us.

Green Hot Chilli

We are the prime Exporter of the Fresh Chilli, located in Lahore Pakistan. The Fresh Chilli, provided by us, is used worldwide to add a spicy or chilly flavor to the dishes, which makes it more tempting and delicious. Moreover, We are the top Green Chilli Exporter from Pakistan. The Fresh Chilli is available at the most competitive prices with us.

Our Global Reach

O We export fresh Pakistani Mangoes and Vegetable to all our the world we have developed a large clients volume across the world some of the major countries are the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, UK, Canda, Australia, Gulf & African Countries etc.
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